1 July 2018 Has Passed!

AMSA are now the single national regulator. If you need help with the new regime call us any time.


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This beauty is a 6m, 115hp vessel being used by local Aquaculture industry. Designed in house, by Kedge Naval Architect, Calvin Ewe, and built by well known local vessel builders. We have received great feedback on her robust design and ability. She can be customised depending on clients requests - hoping to get a few more out this year! Love your work Calvin! ...
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2 months ago

Kedge Marine Surveyors
Guess where Kedge is surveying today?!? ...
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2 months ago

Kedge Marine Surveyors
Training day! ...
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3 months ago

Kedge Marine Surveyors
Access to vessels is sometimes a bit tricky!!! A few hours in the sun and she’ll be right lol ...
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3 months ago

Kedge Marine Surveyors
When is a holiday not a holiday-LOL!Just a quick hello from the Kedge Team as we launch fully into 2021!!!Over the 'break' our staff:Milked 525 cows in Ouse. Renovated a bathroom. Collected 33 (huge) recycled marine buoys. Saw family. Saw the Gordon Dam. Moved ships in and out of ports. Skippered and engineered a number of vessels in 4 Australian states. Ate too much trifle and Australian prawns. Went fishing. Lied about the fish we caught. Went camping. Volunteered at Salvo's. Flew to Bathurst Harbour. Had some fun. Were very concerned about family and friends that were not well...thought about others not so fortunate as us....Attended to electrical surveys, periodic surveys, pre-purchase, H&M and P&I surveys and insurance claims, and conducted some comprehensive risk evaluation and mitigation reports and travelled to customers in 5 states. Liaised with AMSA to keep our customers operating legally...All in all a decent holiday(!) was had by all..and we are back, fully recharged and ready to support our awesome current (and future) customers nationally and internationally.If you have a vessel related matter you think we might be able to assist with give us a call any time on 1 300 89 95 96 or drop us an email - service@kedge.com.au and we will look after you. ...
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If there is anything that is concerning you or that we can assist with please by all means drop us a line at service@kedge.com.au


New and Updated AMSA Standards and Marine Orders Released

Some good work from the AMSA standards and legislation team has just been released.

The Fire Standard C4, a perennial nightmare to apply has been re-cast and looks pretty decent.

There is some good news on transitional standards application which could simplify bringing  vessels into new areas of operation without  having to completely re-design and rebuild them.

Here’s the link to the Standards- you will find the others in the new-look AMSA website under their applicable sections. https://www.amsa.gov.au/vessels-operators/regulations-and-standards-vessels/national-standard-commercial-vessels

Negotiating these legal and tech standards can be a bit confusing- if you get stuck call us on 1 300 89 95 96 and we will link you with one of our  friendly experienced surveyors who will be happy to help you.


Human Factors Design Capability

With the addition of Dr Apsara to our team we have acquired a world-class capability to assist clients with HF/HCD.

Capabilities include:

  • The ability to conduct HF/HCD analysis of ship designs using Usability Heuristics underpinned by software such as Human CAD- applying Apsara’s cutting edge findings from her recent PhD research at AMC.
  • The capacity to conduct HF/HCD analysis of other designs and work spaces for example AUV launching and recovery modules, Offshore workspaces etc.
  • Perform link analysis/ergonomic analysis of design drawings and provide recommendation whether the drawings comply with available HF design guidelines and criteria.

If you are designing vessels of any size and need cutting edge HF/HCD input we would love to join your team. Contact Adam on 0417 544 339 for a confidential discussion.


This was sent to Commercial Operators in Sydney on 6 September from Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)…….

Withdrawal of RMS Surveyor Survey Inspections from 1 January 2018

We will be writing to our vessel operators this week to update them on the transitional arrangements for periodic survey services, which are currently provided by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

Beyond 1 July 2018, RMS will transition all survey and certification services to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). In preparation for the full transition, RMS surveyors will cease provision of periodic vessel survey inspections on 31 December 2017. However, RMS will continue to issue certificates, reminders and receive periodic survey reports from surveyors between 1 January 2018 and 30 June 2018.

From 1 January 2018, operators will only be able to use either a private accredited marine surveyor or an AMSA recognised organisation (such as an IACS approved Classification Society) to complete their periodic vessel survey inspections.

Operators do not need to wait until 1 January 2018 to begin using the services of a private accredited marine surveyor for periodic surveys that are due in the interim. There are a number of surveyors operating in NSW, however you are not limited to using a surveyor that is located in the State or Territory where your vessel is located. All accredited marine surveyors are able to work throughout Australia.

Under the new process, operators will be required to engage a private AMSA accredited marine surveyor or a recognised organisation to complete your periodic survey inspection. Fees for the periodic survey inspection will be payable directly to the accredited marine surveyor or recognised organisation.  The fees charged for periodic survey inspections by private accredited marine surveyors or recognised organisations are not regulated.

Hayley Ablott

CVAG Secretariat

Industry and Environment | Maritime


NSW BIA and Commercial Vessel Association Members Announcement

BIA members in NSW recently were sent a Kedge flier with special domestic commercial vessel survey price offers for BIA members. Roads and Maritime RMS will not be providing survey services in NSW after 1 January 2018 so please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 89 95 96 so we can ensure that your surveys are done where and when you need them, to avoid business interruption or inconvenience. Once we have served you you will never want to use another survey company! http://www.kedge.sydney