Preparing for your commercial survey saves you time and money!

Here are a few tips to assist you to get ready

General Preparation

  1. Make sure there is clear access to all key areas such as the wheelhouse and engine room, clear away or tidy any equipment that does not need to be surveyed (nets, pots, etc).
  2. Open and ventilate any voids that are due for survey for at least 24 hrs. If you need to arrange forced ventilation please do so.
  3. Find your most recent Certificate of Survey and Summary of Periodic Survey Status and have it out for the surveyor. This will make sure we survey all items required and if your vessel is ‘grandfathered’ inspect to the correct standard.
  4. Find your equipment list and check that all equipment is on board and in good working order. Replace out of date equipment such as first aid supplies and flares prior to the survey where possible. Leave the list and items out for the surveyor.
  5. If it’s possible-have any systems which need to be inspected by a specialty/third party inspected prior to the survey and have the reports or certificates handy. This may include:
  • Fixed fire systems
  • Portable fire-fighting equipment/BA systems
  • LPG systems
  • Propeller/Rudder shafts
  • Compass
  • Radio and communication systems
  • Cranes and lifting gear
  • Megga and electrical tests

Don’t worry if you can’t do this. You can send us copies of test reports once you’ve had them done but keep in mind that we cannot send your report to AMSA until we receive them.


Preparation Specific to Survey Items (If Due)

Hull and Shipside Valves – open all valves and make sure the surveyor has a clear view into them, this is a great time to routinely service these items

Void Space – vent all void spaces and clean out any debris

Fuel tanks – open all fuel tanks and vent

Bilges – clean bilges and make sure they are free of water/oils and debris. Make sure limber holes are clear

Anchor Lockers – remove all chain from locker, flake out evenly for inspection

Propeller shafts and rudder stock – remove and disassemble

Machinery Trials Afloat – prepare to run main engines, gensets, communications and navigation gear, cranes and auxiliary equipment, bilge alarms and bilge pumps as requested by the surveyor


Really specialised survey

Occasionally we need to do highly specialised survey related activity. This can include: Sea Trials, Inclining Experiments or Lightship checks, CMID inspections, Stability Proof Tests, Bollard Pull, Non-destructive testing including ultrasonics, moisture meter tests, and many others.

These must be done differently for different boats; when they are required we will discuss the process with you in detail to allow you to prepare fully.

Call us on 1 300 89 95 96 at any time to discuss your survey.